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White-tailed Deer
(Odocoileus virginianus)

When you think of white-tail hunting in Canada the common vision that comes to mind is a tree-stand or blind over the bait in the northern prairies.

Imagine a trophy buck now standing in a valley meadow surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The Peace Region of Norther B.C. is a true hidden gem of the white-tail world. With minimal hunting pressure and excellent genetics record book bucks haunt our woods.

Methods we use will be glassing meadows and cuts in the early fall to look for the mature bucks moving to and from their feeding areas.

As the season progresses we will use calling/rattling more to lure in your trophy. Movement will begin to increase as breeding season approaches.

White-tail also make an excellent second species to add to a hunt.

Mule Deer tags are also available. We will be pursuing them more in the future to see what quantity and quality we will be able to offer. Stay tuned.

Regular hunt - September 10th to November 30th
Bow hunt - September 1st to September 9th
Youth hunt - September 1st to September 9th

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